We Indians can boast of the rich variety of herbs available in our country. But the problem is we don’t know their usages and depend on English medicines which do not have a holistic view of our diseases.


Much of the produce we consume – rice, vegetables, fruits and cereals contains alarming amount of dangerous chemical residues due to heavy usage of fertiliser and pesticides. These chemicals can harm our family’s health and act as a slow poison. The solution to this problem is eating Organic Food.


By default, Millet Cultivation does not have chemical application and therefore they are pesticide free products and considered as safe foods. Millets are better than our daily Rice and Wheat in many ways.


Earth is the only planet we know of that can support life. So protect her as much as possible through Reducing Waste, Reusing, Recycling and Using Eco Products.


Murugu will bring people Herbals, Organics, Millets and Eco friendly products. Murugu offers customers organic and locally grown produce, chemical free groceries, Indian herbs, healthy millets, cruelty free body care and eco-household products. Our 500+ products are healthy alternatives to the products available at conventional grocery chains.


  • Pure. Natural. Herbal.

    Kasthuri Manjal
    Multhani Mitti
    Orange Peel Powder
    Green Gram Powder
    Hibiscus Powder
    Shikakai Powder
    Lemon Peel Powder
    Henna Powder
    Rose Flower Powder
    Usilam Podi
    Herbal Bath Powder
    Herbal Hair Wash Powder
    Avaram Hair Wash Powder
    Hibiscus HairWash Powder
    Herbal Hair Oil Extract
    Herbal Hair Oil
    Herbal Hair Oil Mix
    Vettiver Bath Brush
    Peerkan Bath Brush

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